Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities

Tori Arthur, 2017

Tori Arthur

What work are you doing now?

I’m currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Communication at Colorado State University, Fort Collins.


Why did you choose to pursue the certificate in Digital Public Humanities?

I decided to pursue the DPH certificate after participating in a year-long digital humanities learning community during my doctoral work at Bowling Green State University. I had interned at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art the year before and had developed in interest in digitization and digital storytelling from a qualitative humanities perspective. The learning community experience whetted my appetite for digital humanities work and the DPH certificate program seemed like a good opportunity to continue exploring an area that fascinated (and still fascinates) me.


What knowledge or skills from the program have been particularly valuable to you?

The skills I’ve learned are invaluable to my day to day work as a professor and researcher. I require my students to complete digital exhibits using archival photos and produce digital magazine projects at the end of the semester. Along with my DPH cohort member, Bekeh Utietiang Ukelina, I am working on the African Development Digital Archive (ADDA), a crowd-sourcing project to collect humanistic data about agricultural, media, arts, and technology-based development programs on the African continent.