Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities

Nashieli Marcano, 2021

Nashieli Marcano

What work are you doing now?

I am the new Archivist/Digital Collections Librarian at Furman University. My purpose is
to coordinate existing digital archival efforts related to Furman’s racial history and
expand the Libraries’ digital collections in areas related to diversity, equity, and
inclusion. I serve as a central point of reference, collection, housing, and sharing of
ongoing faculty-student research projects. I will be creating presentations and
interpretations of Furman historical documents regarding its racial history in the form
of online exhibitions, interactive online tools, and publications.

Why did you choose to pursue the certificate in Digital Public Humanities?

As a librarian pursuing a new professional path to advance the humanities, it was
important for me to do a deep dive on digital technologies that are transforming the
ways we research, interpret, and communicate our stories. The DPH curriculum and
the RRCHNM internship introduced me to many digital tools for text analysis,
mapping, modeling, multi-media storytelling, network analysis, and online exhibit
creation. This hands-on experience helped me better understand the nature of
digital humanities and its interdisciplinary intersections.

What knowledge or skills from the program have been particularly valuable
to you?

My professors and mentors facilitated the critical thinking and creativity needed to
use and have fun with digital technologies as we pose new humanistic questions.
One of my favorite projects involved creating an online module to engage
audiences in exploring the complexities of the past. It was a chance for me to build
a bridge between theoretical concepts and practical applications and to
demonstrate all the historical thinking skills I have been learning throughout the
GMU program.

The certificate in Digital Public Humanities was instrumental in positioning me for
my new role at Furman University.