Department of History & Art History Awards Celebration Spring 2020

Please join us in celebrating students who have been chosen for academic awards by the Department of History and Art History in 2019-20. Being included among the award recipients is a major achievement. It means that among our over six hundred undergraduate and graduate students, the faculty have identified this select group of individuals as having earned special distinction for their academic ability and achievements. Those who are on this list are among the very best of the 35,000 students at Mason—and, indeed, they should consider themselves as on par with the best students at any university in the nation. 

Normally we recognize award recipients at an on-campus ceremony at which we can shake their hands (!) and speak at some length to the gathered audience about their background, their academic achievements, and their career plans. My colleagues and I are sad to have lost this opportunity. In lieu of the in-person ceremony, we have created this website to celebrate the awardees. Please take the time to click on each award in order to learn more about the recipients. They share the common trait of having produced outstanding academic work, but their paths to excellence are fascinatingly diverse.

Congratulations to the students for their hard work. And to their parents and family members: thank you for supporting them! That they have been selected for these awards demonstrates that they have made the most of your investment in them. 


Brian Platt                                                                                                                                                                      Chair, Department of History and Art History                                                                                                      George Mason University