How to Register for Courses

For a list of currently offered History graduate courses, please reference the "Courses" option in the gold navigation bar above or consult the official Schedule of Classes


GMU graduate students are eligible to participate in coursework at local partner institutions under the Consortium of Universities cross registration initiative. For the full info sheet, please see the pdf in the right content block.



Type of Course Registration How to Register Course Number/Details
General registration Instructions: {Click here} All active students can register via Patrioweb self-serve. 
Individual Section Registration

Complete an individual section request form (linked in the right content block).


Have the faculty member sign the form and send it to the graduate coordinator via email.

Individual Section Courses include:

HIST 796 Directed Readings

HIST 798 Directing Research & Writing

HIST 799 Master's Thesis 

Controlled/restricted registration

Send your G number and reason for registering to the contact person listed on the “Restrictions” tab on the Schedule of Classes “Class Details” link.

Once you have a registration override, students can register themselves as normal. 

Controlled/restricted courses include:


HIST 696