First Steps


As soon as you are admitted to the program, please activate your Patriot Pass password and your Masonlive email account. See

As stated in the Masonlive FAQ, “Your George Mason University MASONLIVE email account is the official means of campus communication. Important information regarding registration, billing, coursework, and other university announcements will only be delivered to this account.”

Please use your Mason email address for all correspondence with faculty, staff, and other university employees. Official announcements will go to that address, and faculty are encouraged to send anything that could constitute a student record only to Mason addresses.

Email list

Once you have your Mason email working, please subscribe to the history graduate LISTSERV:

  1. Send an email message to
  2. Leave the subject line of the email blank. In the body of the message type the following: subscribe HISTORYGRADS-L YOUR NAME (i.e. John Doe). So, "subscribe HISTORYGRADS-L JOHN DOE." You will receive a confirmation message with the subject line, "Command Confirmation Request."
  3. Follow the instructions in the confirmation message to complete your subscription. Once your request is complete you will receive a message that your subscription has been completed.

Graduate Student Life

For administrative information not directly related to the history program, such as parking or library study space, please visit the webpage of the Office of Graduate Student Life,