Graduate Assistants

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  • Jacqueline Beatty

    Jacqueline Beatty

    U.S. History: Early America to 1820, U.S. Women and Gender, Marriage and Divorce

  • Jordan F Bratt

    Jordan F Bratt

    U.S. History: 19th century religious history, mormon history, digital history

  • Erin N. Bush

    Erin N. Bush

    U.S. History: 19th & 20th century social history, crime & legal history, digital research & pedagogy, women & Gender Studies.




  • Claire Pia Love

    Claire Pia Love

    U.S. History: Cultural history, history of technology, space history, war and society, Cold War, science fiction, space colonies, civil defense, race, gender, identity formation, memory studies.


  • Anne Ladyem McDivitt

    Anne Ladyem McDivitt

    U.S. History: video game history, digital history, public history, 20th century US history, technology, gender


  • Amanda Regan

    Amanda Regan

    U.S. History: Twentieth century U.S. history, womens history, fitness culture, digital history


  • Kristofer Stinson

    Kristofer Stinson

    U.S. History: Early American History; History of Ideas; History of Religion

  • Greta Swain

    Greta Swain

    U.S. History: Early America, slavery, women and gender, digital history, public history


  • LaQuanda Walters Cooper

    LaQuanda Walters Cooper

    U.S. History: African American public history, digital history, social studies education, history of educational institutions