BA in History

All students have opportunities for research, global engagement, public service, and career preparation.

  • If you excel in the classroom, apply to the history honors program. Work closely with a professor on a research project of your own. 
  • Travel and explore with Mason Study Abroad.
  • Gain valuable work experience by doing an internship on or near campus or at one of the Washington DC metro area's many other museums, archives, or historical sites.
  • Learn about career opportunities for historians.
Zach Arlt

Zach Arlt, 2020

A history major with a theater minor, Zach is passionate about storytelling in all its forms and doing the research that makes it real.

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Autumn Bergen

Autumn Bergen, 2020

A history major concentrating in public history with an eye on a museum career, Autumn values the hands-on experience she's gained from her internships.

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Donnelle Bodnarchuk

Donnelle Bodnarchuk, 2020

2020 Dean's Challenge Award Recipient

Majoring in history and minoring in art history, Donnelle thrives on using historical evidence to understand how and why the world is what it is.

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Nikaela Busekrus

Nikaela Busekrus, 2020

Nikaela's childhood exposure to history as "a story about real people and real events with real impacts on the world around me" made the history major a natural fit -- and spurs her to pass it on.

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Arianna Harbert

Arianna Harbert, 2022

Majoring in history and minoring in French, Arianna wants to create thought-provoking museum spaces in which children and adults can learn.

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Christopher Robitaille

Christopher Robitaille, 2020

A history major with a minor in criminology, law, and society, Christopher is enrolled in the Honors in History program and enjoying working on an advanced research topic of his choice under the mentorship of a favorite professor.

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