BA in History

History majors have good analytical skills, can write and speak clearly, and know how to use technology to understand and convey information. These are all highly valued by prospective employers and graduate schools.

History majors do almost anything. Our graduates go into fields such as:

  • education and law
  • business   
  • museum work and medicine
  • information technology
Raymond Fenstermaker

Raymond Fenstermaker, 2023

BA in Russian and Eurasian Studies, BA in History

Development of advanced Russian language skills included participation in prestigious summer immersion program.

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Madison Loveking

Madison Loveking, 2023

BA in History and BA in Anthropology

Double major whose honors thesis examines the medieval portrayal of the Sami, the indigenous northern neighbors of the medieval Norse.

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James Wells

James Wells, 2022

Member of interpretive team at Woodlawn and Pope-Leighey House historic site

Part-time tour guide job while still a student grows into full-time position after graduation, helping to run museum operations and researching the people who lived there.

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Trish Mikell

Trish Mikell, 2021

Higher Ed Professional at NC State University

Communication, interpersonal, and writing skills developed as history major prepared Trish for multi-facted role serving university community.

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Kye Farrow

Kye Farrow, 2019

HR Technology consultant at a leading global HR transformation consultancy

Kye combined the analytical, research, and interpersonal skills honed during his undergraduate history degree with a master's degree in management.

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Alexis Frambes

Alexis Frambes, 2019

Content developer for museum exhibits design firm

Mentoring by faculty and substantial internships with archives and museums launched Alexis on public history career.

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Regina Bechtel

Regina Bechtel, 2018

Visitor Guide at U.S. Capitol Visitor's Center

Internships and making the most of other undergraduate opportunities lead to further training and jobs in public history.

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Georgia J. Brown

Georgia J. Brown, 2016

Assistant Archivist at the Fairfax Circuit Court

Chose courses and internships in hopes of having the type of job she has today.

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Morgan Ellison

Morgan Ellison, 2016

After Fulbright in Bulgaria, lands job digitizing history back in U.S.

Internships and undergraduate research opportunities lead to adventure and career in public history.

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Rachel Luckenbaugh

Rachel Luckenbaugh, 2016

Philanthropy coordinator for nonprofit organization

History degree hones Rachel’s writing skills and stirs her interest in social justice and nonprofit work.

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Benjamin Nguyen

Benjamin Nguyen, 2016

Training in global history leads to job in U.S. State Department

As a program assistant at the Foreign Service Institute, Benjamin helps manage the training courses taken by members of the foreign affairs community and other individuals vital in advancing U.S. interests overseas.

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Peter Nguyen

Peter Nguyen, 2016

“Soft Skills” lead to job in Government Accountability Office

History degree training in research, writing, analysis, and communication have daily application in Peter's career.

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Georgina Pena

Georgina Pena, 2016

Archive's Assistant at Fairfax Circuit Court

Internship leads to Historic Records Center position and opportunity to use historical research and analysis skills every day.

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Lauren Reyna

Lauren Reyna, 2016

Opportunities, higher ed career boosted by history degree skill set

Lauren joins GMU staff as an undergraduate program specialist and lands museum ambassador volunteer position with the National Museum of American History in DC.

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Erin Moran

Erin Moran, 2015

Classes at Mason spark interest in African studies, lead to graduate school

Erin will attend University of Iowa beginning Fall 2017 for a masters degree in Art History with a focus in African art.

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Matthew Robinson

Matthew Robinson, 2015

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Analyst with U.S. State Department

Historical research skills prepared Matthew to sift through mountains of federal records in support of government transparency.

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Jerome Taylor, Jr.

Jerome Taylor, Jr., 2015

History major leads to career in museums

After working in retail, government, and education, Jerome lands job at African American Civil War museum.

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Andrew Weisberg

Andrew Weisberg, 2015

Pursues law career after mock trial in GMU history course

Training as a historian gave Andrew the skills - and sheer enjoyment of learning - needed for success in law school.

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Jessica (Campbell) Sibold

Jessica (Campbell) Sibold, 2014

Studies, internships lead to work in scholarly publishing

Jessica uses her research and writing skills on daily basis at nonprofit research association.

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Susan Brubaker

Susan Brubaker, 2014

Uses research skills to help service members, public

History course led directly to offer of Marine Corps History Division internship, which led to paid Research Assistant fellowship after graduation.

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Zi Yang

Zi Yang, 2014

Research opportunities at Mason provide training for job as analyst

After graduate school at Georgetown, Zi now works as senior analyst at an institute in Singapore.

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Nick Shumate

Nick Shumate, 2013

Internship leads to career with U.S. House of Representatives

Nick's post-graduation internship with the House's Office of the Historian led to Public Information Specialist position with the Legislative Resource Center.

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Andrew Pedry

Andrew Pedry, 2012

Honoring Distinguished Alumni

In fall 2017, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the religious studies program honored Andrew Pedry for his exemplary career.

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Philip Baselice

Philip Baselice, 2011

Bringing history to life for middle school students

Philip relishes the freedom private school teaching gives him to translate his love of historical interpretation into innovative and interactive history lessons.

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Mary A. Kavanagh

Mary A. Kavanagh, 2011

From student of classical history to designer of information literacy strategies

Internships at Smithsonian while earning B.A. led to advanced study in library science and job developing instructional activities for college students.

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Mounir Alafrangy

Mounir Alafrangy, 2010

Mounir Alafrangy, BA History '10, spent 45 days inside the Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) habitat as part of a simulated mission to Phobos, Mars's largest moon. Alafrangy was one of four crew members, known as analog astronauts, who were selected from a large pool of applicants for the mission.

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Christina Markish

Christina Markish, 2010

Professional fundraiser for historic site preservation

Skills and enthusiasm first developed as a History undergraduate now employed toward preservation and interpretation of Menokin, the 18th century Virginia home of Declaration of Independence signer Francis Lightfoot Lee.

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Freddy Mitchell

Freddy Mitchell, 2008

History degree skill set leads to career in banking and financial services policy

Understanding of the past and training in critical reading, writing, and analysis laid foundation for Capitol Hill experience, master’s degree in Public Policy, and move to private sector.

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Pin Wang

Pin Wang, 2008

History major turned video game entrepreneur

Pin combined the writing and analytical skills from his History major with his computer programming background to co-found his own video game company, Substantial Games.

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Arsalan Jafree

Arsalan Jafree, 2007

Writing skills opened door to consulting career

Arsalan works for Deloitte Consulting and advises the projects teams on their risk and contractual matters. He is also involved in proposal reviews and compliance activities.

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Dianne Kim

Dianne Kim, 2007

Global focus leads to career in fundraising, public health

Dianne served in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua and now works as a development officer for Juarez & Associates while earning a graduate degree in public health at Johns Hopkins.

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Fazle Chowdhury

Fazle Chowdhury, 2003

History degree provided the skills for a career in management consulting

Ability to critically analyze helps Fazle build business strategies and offer multiple solutions.

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Matthew Salter

Matthew Salter, 2001

2017 Spring Distinguished Alumni - History and Art History

Matt Salter received his bachelor’s degree in history from George Mason University, and, like many Mason alumni in the Washington, DC, area, he has distinguished himself in the consulting field.

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Sean Sweeney

Sean Sweeney, 2001

2018 Distinguished Alumni - History

Sweeney believes his success in the technology field was enabled by what he learned at Mason, specifically the ability to conduct disciplined research and analysis and a mastery of oral and written communication skills.

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Kerri Chapman

Kerri Chapman, 1998

Alumni Chapter - Historian

Kerri Chapman, BA History '98, is currently the deputy chief information officer at Washington and Lee University.

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Wes Fleming

Wes Fleming, 1995

Journalist, professor and motorcycle enthusiast

Wes Fleming is in charge of digital media for an organization with 35,000 members, writes and edits for several motorcycle publications, and has taught Western Civ and U.S. history for Mason and NVCC.

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Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan, 1995

Took unusual route to career as college professor

Training in history classes enabled success in both historical and administrative work.

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