BA in History

Lauren Reyna, 2016

Lauren Reyna

Why did you choose History as a major?

I chose history as my major because I love to be a storyteller. Often, people associate history with “names and facts” when in reality, it is the story of us. I find myself listening to lectures and practically seeing the events happen in my head and then the shock sets in that this is real. I can go see the land and the monuments. I love being immersed in stories.

What was your career path after graduation?

After graduation, I became an academic assistant at a university and began my masters in American history online with Arizona State (so I could work full-time). The problem was that my heart was still at Mason so I returned as an Undergraduate Program Specialist and Administrative Assistant for the Computer Science Department. You can find me on the weekends volunteering at the National Museum of American History in DC as a museum ambassador!

How do you think your History major at Mason prepared you for your career?

My History major at Mason showed me how to research anything to find clear and concise answers, which proved important in any position I have held. My knowledge of strong-willed people actually boosted my confidence as I found guidance in the lessons I had learned. My major improved my ability to communicate effectively by understanding how to weave concise arguments that helped offices in solving complex issues. My major helped me get on the map with one of the greatest Smithsonian museums out there simply because the quality of my history education shined.

Any advice you’d like to give current Mason students?

Please never give up. I felt like historiography was the end of me. I struggled and spent many nights frustrated and staring at a blank screen. When you feel that way, remember that you are not here for a grade but for a learning experience for your passion. Find a place in history that you love and run with it. Above all, take pride in every single assignment you submit because you are not just a student – you are a budding historian.