BA in History

Madison Loveking, 2023

Madison Loveking

Do you have a particular standout course or professor from your time as an undergraduate student?

My favorite CHSS professor is Sam Collins who I have taken multiple classes with and who is my honors Thesis professor. He taught the first history class I took at Mason and it was about the Viking Age. He has been a fun and good teacher to have in class. He has been very helpful with my thesis and has helped me learn more about research. My favorite class is either the Viking age class with Professor Collins or Burial and Ritual from Prehistory to 1000 CE with Professor Schulze where we looked at different burial traditions in different times and places. Both of these classes have helped me understand what I like to research and learn about and what studying these subjects is like.

What activities were you involved in during your time at Mason that impacted you the most? 

I really enjoyed the Anthropology club and getting to hang out with other students in the anthropology department. There was only a few meetings as the club is new, but each time we got to hang out and talk about stuff we were learning in Anthro classes as well as fun things happening in our lives.

Share a memorable "Mason moment."

My most memorable moment is a very calm moment of hanging out with the friends I had made at one of the fire pits around Mason one night in my sophomore year. I have made multiple amazing friends and just getting to hang out has been very memorable.

Reflecting on your time at Mason, what is one piece of advice you would give a student who is just starting off on their Mason journey?

My advice would be to not be afraid of trying new things or completely changing the direction you think you want to take. I did not start at Mason as a history and anthropology student, but once I had learned more about my original major, I learned it wasn’t for me and tried the history class and really enjoyed it. Its not to late to change or try new things and Mason is very good for being able to try multiple areas.

What is your next step?

My next step is to apply to grad schools in Europe. I will see where I get in and see what happens after that.