BA/Accelerated MA in History (BAM)

What is a BAM?

An accelerated master’s degree in history enables you to complete your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in less time and at less cost.

Who should think about applying to a BAM?

If you are certain that you want a master’s degree in history AND you are able to handle a challenging course load. You would be taking graduate-level courses alongside undergraduate ones – juggling the assignments can be difficult even for strong students.

Who is eligible?

You need to have earned at least 60 credits (at least 15 credits earned at Mason), with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and minimum GPA of 3.5 in history. You also need to have completed HIST 300 with a B+ or better. For more information about applying:

When should you apply?

It is recommended that you apply once you reach the 60-credit threshold (after semester 4, if you enrolled at Mason as a freshman). You can see details about applying and an application timeline at If you are interested in the BAM, reach out and make an appointment with Dr. Hooper as soon as possible.

What does your schedule look like if you are accepted into the BAM?

You will take two or more graduate courses alongside two or three undergraduate courses during each of your last two semesters at Mason. Due to the increased workload of MA coursework, it is strongly recommended that students take only 12 credits when enrolled in graduate courses. After completing the bachelor’s degree, students will still need at least two semesters of coursework to complete the master’s degree in history.

Here is a sample schedule showing one way you might fit in all the requirements.

Please make an appointment with Dr. Hooper to go over your course plans. After your meeting, you will work on the BAM advising form, which will require a meeting with the director of the master’s program, Dr. Robertson.