Advising in the Art History Major or Minor

Advising in the Art History Major or Minor

Explore the links on the left for answers to many of your questions. Empower yourself with information and get familiar with using your degree evaluation. But don't let any of this admirable autonomy substitute for checking in regularly with your academic advisor! Our program's undergraduate director and undergraduate coordinator are here to help you reach your academic goals.

Advising in the art history major and minor is usually provided by Dr. Angela Ho, Undergraduate Director,, Robinson B334.

Dr. Ho can help with general academic advising and scheduling issues. In addition, you should see her for such matters as:

  • Major and minor requirements
  • Declaration of major or minor in Art History
  • Academic Problems (probation, suspension, etc.)
  • Study Abroad
  • Course substitutions or waivers
  • Course Elsewhere requests
  • Graduation Approval

Additional general advising is available with Carrie Grabo, Undergraduate Coordinator,, 703-993-1249, Robinson B361.

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