Explore the links on the left for answers to many of your questions. Empower yourself with information and get familiar with using your degree evaluation. But don't let any of this admirable autonomy substitute for checking in regularly with your academic advisor! Our program's undergraduate director, undergraduate coordinator, and your assigned faculty advisor are all here to help you reach your academic goals.

Before you see your advisor, print out and bring a copy of your degree evaluation from Patriot Web (step-by-step instructions).

**ANNOUNCEMENT** For this semester, academic advising will be provided virtually. To start your request, History majors seeking advising should for now disregard the instructions below (for using Navigate to schedule advising appointments) and instead email their assigned advisor, as follows:

·  Last name A-G:  Dr. Jane (Madden) Hooper, jhooper3@gmu.edu

·  Last name H-P: Dr. Michael Chang, mchang5@gmu.edu

·  Last name Q-Z: Dr. Sam Collins, scolline@gmu.edu

·  Accelerated MA in History: Dr. Sam Collins, scolline@gmu.edu  

·  History Approval/General: Dr. Sam Collins (scolline@gmu.edu) or Carrie Grabo (cgrabo1@gmu.edu)


 NavigateMason button

To schedule an advising appointment, click the NavigateMason button above or go to https://gmu.campus.eab.com/, then follow these instructions:

  1. Login with your Mason NetID and password
  2. Click on “Get Assistance," choose "Academic Advising" as type of appointment, select “College of Humanities and Social Sciences” as your college, and choose the advising service you need:
    • History advising last name A-G:  Dr. Jane (Madden) Hooper 
    • History advising last name H-P: Dr. Michael Chang 
    • History advising last name Q-Z: Dr. Sam Collins 
    • Accelerated MA in History: Dr. Sam Collins 
    • History Approval/General: Dr. Sam Collins or Carrie Grabo 

IMPORTANT: Current history majors are assigned to advisors based on student last name and should choose the matching advisor. The exceptions are History majors who are ROTC students or who started at Mason before Fall 2012 – these students should choose “History advising Last name Q-Z” and see Dr. Collins.

History majors with general requests such as study abroad, course elsewhere, credit overload, or transfer credit re-evaluation requests choose “History Approval/General” and schedule with Dr. Collins.

History majors re-enrolling or returning from suspension choose “History Approval/General” and schedule with either Dr. Collins or Carrie Grabo. 

  1. Confirm location as “History and Art History,” select the advisor, and click “Next.”
  2. Identify the day/time you would like to meet with the advisor. For walk-in hours if posted (click “View walk-in hours”), no appointment is necessary. For scheduled appointments, after you select and confirm your time you will automatically receive an email notification as well as a reminder. You may also enter your cell phone number for a text reminder.


Contact Carrie Grabo at cgrabo1@gmu.edu if you have any questions about who to see for undergraduate advising or sschelp@gmu.edu if you have any issues with the scheduling system.