Honors in Art History

Majors who have completed 75 credits (a minimum of 15 credits in art history, with 6 credits taken at Mason) with an overall GPA of 3.5 and a GPA of 3.8 in art history at the time of application are eligible to apply to graduate with honors in art history. Eligible students should apply to the undergraduate director by November 15 or April 15 with a statement of application including the names of two references from Mason art history faculty members. Transfer students should also submit transcripts. Not all applicants who meet the minimum requirements are guaranteed acceptance into honors in the major.

Students pursuing honors in the major complete ARTH 492 and 493, linked individualized courses that culminate in a research paper. Students must have completed at least one course in the field (or with the professor) chosen for these honors courses. ARTH 492 should be taken before 493, but they may be taken concurrently. To graduate with honors in the major, students must have earned a minimum GPA of 3.5 in honors courses and the overall ARTH GPA presented for graduation must be at least 3.5. The two honors courses (6 credits) may be applied toward the requirement of 33- to 34-credits in art history, but they cannot replace the 6 required credits in ARTH 400, 420, 430, 440, 460, 471, 472, 474, 482, or 499.