Advising Tips

Welcome to the Art History major!

Both sides of this webpage have essential and useful links we hope you'll explore thoroughly. As you do so, keep in mind that the two most important things you can do to ensure that you progress through your degree according to plan are:

1. Meet with your academic advisor every semester.

2. Regularly consult your degree evaluation in Patriot Web (see How To View Your Degree Evaluation under Advising for All Students on the right).

Who is your academic advisor?

Dr. Vanessa Schulman is your art history academic advisor. She can be reached at and information about scheduling an appointment with her can be found at on our advising page.

In addition to providing general academic advising, Dr. Schulman is the Art History undergraduate director. See her for such matters as:

  • Major and minor requirements
  • Declaration of major or minor in Art History
  • Academic Problems (probation, suspension, etc.)
  • Study Abroad
  • Course substitutions or waivers
  • Course Elsewhere requests
  • Graduation Approval

Additional assistance is available from Carrie Grabo, Undergraduate Coordinator,, Rob B361, 703-993-1249

A few pointers:

  • You need a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 both within your major and overall in order to qualify for graduation.
  • ARTH 394: The Museum, your required Synthesis course, is usually offered in the spring and summer terms only, not in the fall, so plan accordingly.
  • ARTH 394 requires you to have taken two previous 300-level ARTH courses and ENGH 302 (Humanities section).
  • ENGH 302–Humanities  is also the prerequisite for all ARTH seminars (400-level courses), so take it as soon as you qualify.
  • A number of courses meet more than one requirement. For example, certain global art history courses meet the Non-Western and Global Understanding  requirements for CHSS or Mason Core.
  • HIST 390 is a great alternative to IT 104 for the IT Mason Core requirement.
  • To be sure which courses meet a requirement, consult the lists at Still have questions? Ask your advisor.