History Internship

HIST 399

Who Is Eligible?

You must be a history major who has completed, or is in the process of completing, 15 hours in history. A 2.5 GPA in all history courses is mandatory.

How are Internships Obtained?

If you meet the academic requirements, you should consult with the History Internship Director well before the start of the semester that you would like to enroll in History 399.

We maintain a list of agencies that are willing to accept student interns - see "History Internship Sites" link  on the right side of this page. Your professors may be able to recommend sites in their fields of specialization. Further assistance may be available from GMU's Career Services Office.

The Director can contact agencies for you or you may seek out positions on your own, but to receive academic credit, the Internship Director must approve the site/position. To receive approval, the nature of the site and your duties must be essentially historical.

Internships are usually unpaid positions, though some may be salaried or provide a modest stipend. Interns must have reliable transportation to the work site, and they may also have to arrange for parking and medical insurance.

There are no special fees or charges (beyond standard tuition fees) associated with completing an internship for history credit.


Sign up for HIST 399 through the History Internship Director. You cannot register for this course without a signed permission form from the Internship Director.

  • Your faculty supervisor will either be the Internship Director or a faculty member whose specialty is in the area of your internship.
  • You must be approved by the agency supervisor. This supervisor will arrange your work schedule, direct the work experience, and help in evaluating your performance.
  • An "Internship Agreement" must be signed by you, your job site supervisor, and your faculty supervisor or the Internship Director. This agreement stipulates the expectations and obligations of the internship, which must be completed in order to receive a satisfactory grade and credit for HIST 399.
  • In addition, the University requires a “Consent and Release Agreement” to be signed by the student.

For more detailed information or to discuss program specifics, please contact Dr. Suzanne Smith, the History Internship Director, at smisuze@gmu.edu.