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Careers and the History Major

Mason Alumni (L) Kim (Lambrecht) Hickox, ’98 history, and Jon Hickox (on right), '98 history, owners of the Winery at Bull Run

The History major is excellent career preparation.  Surveys of executives in almost every employment field have sent a clear message about what they’re looking for:  people who can analyze, communicate effectively, write clearly, solve problems, and do independent research.  Those are precisely the skills that the History major is designed to provide. 

That said, there are some careers that are more directly related to the study of history and the practice of historical research and writing than others. The resources below can help you find them.

Meanwhile, don’t underestimate the power of adding one or more internships to your resume. Our History Internship page has information to get you started.


What Can I Do with a Degree in History?

More on “What Can You Do with an Undergraduate Degree in History?" (The American Historical Association)

Teaching History at the Secondary School Level


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