C. W. Bright Pixel Prize for the Best History and New Media Project History and Art History

2021 Awardees

Stephanie  Grimm

Stephanie Grimm

"Adventures in Illuminating”

Art History

Stephanie Grimm is the art and art history librarian for the Mason University Libraries, and a current student in the art history MA program. She previously earned an MSI from the University of Michigan, with a focus on preservation and art librarianship, and a BFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Her research interests center on various forms of the book and artists’ publications, including artists’ books, zines, and comics, and she serves as one of the curators of Mason’s Artists’ Book Collection. Through the MA program and after, she plans to continue examining the ways that institutions shape book art reading and viewing experiences, underpinned by her ongoing work with Mason’s collections and researchers.

Samantha  Haas

Samantha Haas

"Adventures in Illuminating”

Art History

Samantha received her bachelor of arts in art history with a minor in art & visual technology from George Mason University in 2018. As a part of Mason's accelerated master’s program, she has continued her education by pursuing her master's degree in art history. During her time at Mason, she has worked as gallery intern at the Torpedo Factory’s Target Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia and as a graduate teaching assistant during the fall and spring of the 2020-21 year. Her art history interests are primarily in late 19th century American and European art. She also has a background in studio art, with a concentration in drawing and illustration, and continues to practice her skills. She enjoys utilizing both her background in studio art and art history together, and hopes to do so in a future career. In addition to earning her degrees at Mason, she pursued a competitive dance career receiving three world qualifications as a champion Irish dancer. She will earn her graduate degree in May 2021, and hopes to work within the contemporary art and gallery setting.

Kathleen  Klingenberg

Kathleen Klingenberg

"Adventures in Illuminating”

Art History

Kathleen plans on finishing her master's degree in art history in spring of 2022. Her previous degrees include a master’s degree in liberal studies at Georgetown University, with a concentration on medieval and early modern history. Her thesis title was The Court of Henry II and King Arthur: Courtly Culture and Literature in Angevin England. Kathleen earned her bachelor of arts degree in English at Marquette University. Her focus at George Mason University has been French and English illuminated manuscripts of the Gothic period. Kathleen hopes to continue her study of illuminated manuscripts in a museum or educational setting.

Madison  Morrow

Madison Morrow

"Adventures in Illuminating”

Art History

Madison Morrow received her BA in art history at Elon University and has continued to get her master's degree from George Mason University. She is pursuing an MA in art history and her area of interest is in modern and contemporary art. She hopes to one day work in a museum.

2019 Awardees

Bat-Erdene Altankhuyag

Brandan P. Buck

Matthew J. DiRisio

John A. Sheehan

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Jessica Dauterive

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Joshua Catalano

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