Osher Lifelong Learning Award History and Art History

Presented to outstanding history majors.

2021 Awardees

Edwin Delgado

Edwin Delgado


Edwin Delgado is a senior at George Mason University. He is currently studying history, with a concentration in US history. Edwin was born and raised here in Northern Virginia, but his family is from El Salvador. He enjoys watching and playing football. When he is not rooting for the Washington Football Team, he spends most of his time with family and friends. One of his favorite things to learn about in history are battles. He plans on graduating in the fall of 2021 and becoming the first in his family to receive a college degree. Once he graduates, he hopes to find a job in the government.

Desiree Hampton

Desiree Hampton


Desiree Hampton is a junior working towards her BA in history, with the intention of entering the accelerated master’s in education program here at George Mason University. Hampton has been on the dean’s list every semester between fall 2018 and fall 2020, participates in academic fraternities on campus, and was invited to the National Honors Society for history for her consecutively high GPA. After Mason, Hampton hopes to teach in international schools, which would give her the opportunity to pursue two of her inspirations: traveling and teaching. She also aims to one day found her own non-profit education program, for girls subjected to sex trafficking in third world countries.

2020 Awardees

Patricia Mikell

Sarah Petroff

2019 Awardees

Channing Freeman

Kailea Swartz

2018 Awardees

Kye Farrow

Viktoria Wilkins

2017 Awardees

Regina Bechtel

Zachary Greenfield

2016 Awardees

Pamela Gehle

Austin McManus

2015 Awardees

Dennis Garcia

Jane Spies

2014 Awardees

Jordan Brown

Markus Smith

2013 Awardees

Robert Lee

John Pham

2012 Awardees

Timothy Furey

Nicholas Shumate

2011 Awardees

Brian Lee

2010 Awardees

Penny Waite

2009 Awardees

Joshua Lawton-Belous

2005 Awardees

Bobbee Cardillo

David Lech