Evelyn Pugh Outstanding Undergraduate Woman Award History and Art History

Presented to an outstanding junior or senior woman history major who has completed a minimum of 15 hours in history at George Mason.

2021 Awardees

Mariko Nojima-Schmunk

Mariko Nojima-Schmunk


Mariko Nojima-Schmunk is an undergraduate student in her junior year, pursuing a bachelor of arts in history with a concentration in global history at George Mason University. She graduated from Lake Braddock Secondary School in 2019, where she was fortunate to have found her passion for the subject, taking classes which helped shape her understanding of the past. Yet, it was not until Professor Bristol’s and Professor Karush’s courses on Latin American history and Professor Platt’s course on modern Japan did she realize her deep interest in the colonial era and global history. As she approaches her third year at Mason, Mariko hopes to take full advantage of the master of education in secondary education program to teach the next generation of young scholars in the near future.

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