Gary and Eleanor Shumaker Endowed Scholarship for High School History Instructor/Scholar History and Art History

The Gary and Eleanor Shumaker Endowed Scholarship for a High School History Instructor/Scholar was established to provide undergraduate scholarships for students majoring in History and intend to pursue their graduate work in History at Mason in order to obtain certification as a secondary school social studies teacher. 

2021 Awardee

Colin Pendergast

Colin Pendergast


Colin Pendergast is a senior pursuing a bachelor of arts in history and is currently attending the first year of a master’s program in secondary education at George Mason University. Colin is originally from Connecticut; however, he plans on staying in Virginia for the foreseeable future. During his academic career, Colin has taken a profound interest in learning about history through the use of film and plans on exploring mankind’s most infamous authoritarians in his future work. Colin will be graduating with his BA this summer while simultaneously pursuing a profession as a high school social studies teacher. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Spaghetti Westerns, playing competitive video games, and engaging in heated conversations with his friends regarding the past, present and future of Star Wars lore.