Outstanding Graduate Research Project in Art History History and Art History

Presented to an outstanding graduate student nominated by the faculty.

2021 Awardee

Courtney Marx

Courtney Marx

Art History

Courtney Marx earned her BA degree in art history from George Mason University in 2017. In 2018, Courtney began the Art History Graduate Association at Mason, and was elected its first president. She earned her MA degree in art history from George Mason University in 2020 and was chosen as an Outstanding Graduate Student honoree by the Department of History and Art History. While earning her degrees, Courtney focused on the art and archaeology of ancient Egypt. Her MA thesis explored the imagery of the daughters of the Egyptian king, Akhenaten. Her other research interests include the Amarna period, the role of royal women during the New Kingdom, the mythology of the goddess Hathor, and the royal jubilee festival celebrated by ancient Egyptian kings known as the heb-sed. She plans to continue her education by earning her PhD in Egyptology in the near future. Courtney was born and raised in Rochester, New York, and moved to Virginia 10 years ago, where she lives with her husband, Harry, and their cat, Trillian. Courtney is currently the administrative and board associate for the American Research Center in Egypt.