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2021 Awardees

Nadia Valdivia

Nadia Valdivia

Art History

Growing up, Nadia’s family moved often, exposing her to several cultures from an early age. This multiculturalism inspired a thirst for art that led her to pursue art history. Nadia is now a senior and plans to graduate in the fall with a BA in art history and a minor in French. She is intrigued by the world’s diverse cultures and how their histories are enriched by art. During her time at George Mason University, Nadia has represented the art history program as a student ambassador and in fall 2020 she interned with the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery’s accessibility and intern departments. These experiences revealed Nadia’s desire to connect with people over a shared love of art. Planning a future in museums, she wishes to focus on accessibility while working as a liaison between the public and museums. 

2020 Awardees

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