Undergraduate Student Leadership Award in Art History History and Art History

2022 Awardees

Tenni  Littlewhiteman

Tenni Littlewhiteman

Tenni Littlewhiteman is an undergrad senior achieving her bachelor of arts degree in art history and a minor in dance appreciation. She is born and raised in Virginia and previously served 11 years in the United States Air Force. Her dream is to become an exhibit designer, curatorial assistant, or an archivist. She loves learning about contemporary art, but has a passion for learning about art of ancient civilizations.

Irena Dragas Jansen

Irena Dragas Jansen

Irena is a senior undergraduate art history student. She was accepted into the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s (BAM) program here at George Mason University and will start working on her master’s degree this fall. She already has a bachelor’s degree in literature and has spent years doing program and resource development for non-profit organizations and social economic enterprises in North America, Europe, and Africa before coming to the study of art history. She realized that art history synthesized into one field of study her various interest areas: literature, visual arts, history, writing, critical thinking, spirituality, and teaching. Her plan is to keep learning and pass on what she is learning to others – through her writing, interactive installations, and any other new ways that might open up. She is originally from Croatia and travels often to her homeland with her husband Scott.


You can read some of her creative writing here.