Josephine Pacheco Award for Best Graduate Research Paper History and Art History

Presented to the graduate history student who submits the best paper during the previous calendar year.

2021 Awardees

David  Armstrong

David Armstrong

“‘A Mischievous Legislature’: The Jacksonborough Assembly of South Carolina, January-February 1782”


David Armstrong is an MA student with a concentration in predoctoral studies. He currently works as a high school history teacher in Fairfax County. David received his bachelor's degree in history from the College of Charleston, SC, in 2007. His research interests focus on early American history, with a particular emphasis on the South Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World. He intends on pursuing a PhD after completing his MA studies. David is awarded the Josephine Pacheco Award for his research paper, “‘A Mischievous Legislature’: The Jacksonborough Assembly of South Carolina, January-February 1782,” written under the supervision of Dr. Rosemarie Zagarri. His research on how South Carolina’s patriot government sought to establish order to the war-torn state. David's essay showed that the state legislature of 1782—known as the Jacksonborough Assembly—tried to re-establish the state’s finances, military defense, and racial hierarchy in the latter years of the Revolutionary War.

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